Exquisite Partnership Formula

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It is my hope that you will enjoy more joy, intimacy, laughter and orgasms than you ever have before. May your journey be defined by the Curiosity, Courage and Compassion that will elevate your connections to others and yourself. May you feel empowered to ditch the shame and fear while embracing your true emotions, learning healthy boundaries and opening to the experiences and emotions of those you love.

Welcome Lesson 1: Learn the Secrets to Masculine and Feminine Cultures Lesson 2: Increase Your Sexual IQ with these Advanced Foreplay and Sacred Sexual Techniques Lesson 3: Discover Why Those Inevitable Conflicts are Your Best Friend Lesson 4: Use Your Anger… to Create MORE Intimacy, Trust and Safety! Lesson 5: Have the Honest, Nurturing and Sexually Rewarding Relationship You Always Dreamed Of. Lesson 6: Begin the Dance of Interdependence Resources
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