Exquisite Partnership Formula


Learn the simple 6-step process to bring your best and truest self into relationship with your partner.

You don’t need to wait for your partner to come along. The fact is – if you’ve been waiting for your partner to change…then starting now, the wait is over!



Your Mission should you Accept it is to 6 weeks from now look forward to disagreements with your partner because you know how to transform those disagreements into an Exquisite Partnership™ that is defined by the best sex of your life – sex that gets better with each passing year!

You get everything in The Shame Free Zone and the Erotic Empowerment Zone Plus . . .

Unlimited Lifetime Access to the EPF six-week video coaching program where you will learn how to:

1. Balance the Masculine and Feminine without Cheating Yourself
2. Never Settle for Less Than the Best Sex of Your Life When You Increase Your Sexual IQ with Advanced Foreplay and Sacred Sexual Techniques
3. Discover Why Those Inevitable Conflicts are Your Best Friend
4. Find Out How You Can Use Your Anger to Create MORE Intimacy, Trust and Safety
5. Stop Getting Blamed for Everything and Have the Honest, Nurturing and Sexually Rewarding Relationship You Always Dreamed Of.
6. Free Yourself from Codependent Patterns for Good when You Begin the Dance of Interdependence