I Hope More and More Women Who Are Keeping Their Past a Secret . . .

. . . will feel empowered to speak openly about it. That’s why I do. I want to model a world free of shame.

I don’t make any secret of the fact that I worked as a high-end escort from 1989 to 2004. You can read all about it in Veronica in Her Own Words. But this interview with Susan Jenkins for her Inner Warrior series exposes intriguing insights you won’t find in the article.

For instance, because of my years working in the sex industry, I have some uncommon viewpoints on things which might seem unrelated to escorting. Things such as marriage, fidelity, lovemaking, feminism and the gender gap look very different from the perspective of a sex worker. And while that might have some value for the novelty alone, the real reason a lot of people want to hear this unique perspective is because it enables them to view their own lives through a different lens.

You too, might find this unique window into slut shaming, the Whore/Madonna complex, and much more intriguing and even pertinent to your life. You will also discover what I learned about men from my fourteen years of high-end escorting!

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