Veronica Monet Coaches Dr. Marissa Pei’s Love Life

She has been referred to as a “kinder, gentler Dr. Laura” but perhaps the moniker with the most sticking power is “the Asian Oprah.” One thing is for sure, Dr. Marissa Pei is not afraid to put it all out there. And just to prove how courageous she can be, she invited me onto her television show to coach her love life!

I helped her with everything from her body image issues to whether or not she should have a one-night stand! Then she asked me how you can tell if you are bisexual. Whew! I think we may have gotten into trouble with the censors a couple of times but our connection was all about the heart and she really laid her heart on the line in this interview.

And throughout, we both kept our sense of humor, finding plenty of opportunities to laugh at ourselves and the taboo topics we tackled.

Aside from the entertainment value I am pretty sure you will find the subject matter of interest too. And who knows, you might discover a few answers that help you in your own life.

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