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Veronica Monet, ACS

Your Guide to Exquisite Partnership™

I am so glad you are here! Be sure to explore the many gifts I have created for you. My Free E-book, podcasts and webinars; the Relationship IQ Test and of course my blog and my YouTube videos . . . there’s a lot here in the way of information but you are also sure to have a lot of fun! Some offerings are Free and others are paid. You decide what is right for you.

I’m a Relationship Coach, Sexologist, and Anger Specialist. But I didn’t just read a few books. I triumphed over a lot of challenging life circumstances and now I combine my extensive education with deep empathy derived from personal experience. I have overcome incest, rape, domestic violence and addiction.  I didn’t just survive, either. I took a path that led me to more joy than I ever thought possible. Today I thrive. And I am committed to helping others own their personal empowerment and realize the freedom and joy that is their birthright, too. I invite you to enter my Shame Free Zone for your own healing and personal growth because that is how to get to an ecstatic relationship with life!

And if you are ready to go even deeper, I invite you to enroll in my Exquisite Partnership Formula class. It includes 6 training videos, five game-changing Ebooks and six weeks of personal email coaching from me! Of course if you prefer video coaching from me, you can schedule that too. Click here to learn more about my private coaching programs.

“My time with Veronica is radically changing my life beyond what I knew was possible. She helped me through crisis and has enriched the path to greater connection, joy and truth. Her work is priceless and extraordinary. I am so grateful!”

— Debbie, Hospital Vice President

“I am in awe at how you helped my partner see some core manipulative patterns. My body and soul felt the lift as if a hidden treasure was discovered. Also, my getting more clarity on how I passive-aggressively handled or didn’t handle the needs of the relationship has taken a deeper impact. I appreciate your calling me out. The acknowledgment I needed came with your assisting her to see some things she wasn’t seeing; nor was I seeing those things. Thank you again for showing up to help us through this web of confusion.”

— Bruce P, CEO
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