Are the Walls Closing in While You Stay at Home?

Sure. Stay home and stay safe. But do you know that domestic violence is on the rise as couples shelter in place?  In fact, since the arrival of COVID-19, family violence has increased around the globe.

While we are doing our best to keep ourselves safe from the novel coronavirus, some of us might not feel emotionally safe at home.  After all, even the best of relationships are experiencing more tension. And for some that means tempers are flaring and conflict is erupting.

To be clear, the vast majority of us will not resort to violence no matter how stressed we are. But the tension and fear of facing a global pandemic and the economic woes in its wake, can prove to be too much for even the most unflappable among us.

What can we do to avoid ugly arguments and meltdowns?

Might it be possible to even use this challenging situation as an opportunity or invitation to greater harmony and intimacy?

I say yes!

And to help us all create that optimal outcome in our closest connections, I have shared my top two conflict resolution tools on YourTango.

Just click here to learn how you can truly enjoy this time with your loved ones. At home. Sheltered and safe in every way.

[If you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation, there IS help. Click here for more information and resources.] 

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