Are You People Pleasing in Bed?

Your body is precious. And believe it or not, your body is also your boundary. But a lot of us don’t know that. So we allow touch that doesn’t feel good to us.


Most of us were taught to accept hugs and even kisses that we may have felt conflicted about as children. Fortunately, many of today’s parents are teaching their children that they have the right to refuse unwanted touch – even from a well meaning relative.

But what about us adults?

While we may know that we have the right to refuse unwanted touch from a stranger or an employer, do we carry that knowing into our personal relationships?

For instance, can we say no to unwanted touch from the person we love most?

Can we have say no to unwanted touch from our sexual partner?

And if so, what might that look like?

I am ALL about healthy boundaries. I also know that saying “No” to someone you love can be fraught. That is why I developed the Exquisite Partnership Formula.

My colleague, Danielle Hougard also knows a thing or two about saying no! She learned to practice healthy boundaries in her marriage of over 20 years.

And the result?

She and her husband are enjoying even BETTER sex!

Danielle put her precious body and her authentic desire first. In other other words, she ditched the people pleasing and in the process it helped her to enjoy an even happier connection with her husband.

I think you will enjoy hearing about Danielle’s sexual journey as a mother and wife. And if something resonates with you, feel free to share that in the comments below!

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