Begin Your Sacred Sexual Journey Tonight!

Have you heard of Sacred Sex or Transcendent Sex? I talk about it quite often in my interviews and here on this blog.

There is a reason for that.

For me, sex is an integral part of my spiritual journey. When you remove the sexual shame most of us have been inundated with, sex can be experienced in an innocent way. You can reconnect to your birthright as a sexual being.

But it’s not easy to get past the shame and that’s where a set of specific steps can help. You can call it an exercise or a ritual. What you call it doesn’t matter, but I do recommend that you begin with the self-pleasuring that I detail in this video.

If you decide to give it a go, will you let me know how it is for you?

Your pleasure really can connect you to your higher self and your inner knowing. It can even catapult you into an elevated awareness and increased creativity. If you know how to do it!


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