This IS Your Birthright . . . but WHY didn’t anyone tell you so?

She was in Singapore and I was in California, but when Dr. Martha Tara Lee interviewed me for OMTimes Radio, it seemed like we were in the same room.

She asked me if I believe there is any good shame. I don’t. But I do think guilt can be helpful.

And she wanted to know how I help my clients heal sexual shame. I gave her detailed instructions for my self-pleasuring meditation ritual which I often prescribe to my clients.

Then she wanted to know why I care so much about healing sexual shame.

I told her it all begins in the womb and if we are fortunate it follows us to our death bed. Orgasms are our birthright after all and there is a good chance we had our very first orgasm while we were still in our mother’s womb.

If we were a less shame based society and if our culture embraced more compassion, I think we would make sure that those who are near death would also have access to orgasms as a way to dull pain and lessen fear while bringing as much pleasure and joy into those last moments as possible.

The radio interview is 56 minutes of cutting edge information you probably have never heard before.


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