Do You Think This is Sexy?

We are given a pretty limited vision of what is sexual or sexy. If you pay attention though, sex is embedded in absolutely every aspect of life on this planet.

Who led us to believe that sex is not connected to every facet of our lives? Whoever they were, they were no doubt someone buried under a mountain of sexual shame. But the truth about sex is right there if we will only look with our own eyes.

There’s the birds and the bees, of course. Flowers are actually fragrant sex organs, and many sweet bird calls are meant to woo a mate. Nature is sexual through and through.

But the closer we get to humans, the more our sexuality is relegated to what I refer to as the sexual ghetto.What is the sexual ghetto?

It is a place where sex lives all by itself in the dark, separated from the rest of our daily lives. And not only is that a sad state of affairs for all of us, but it isn’t even the truth.

Sex lives at our core, fueling our creativity and prodding our spiritual development. No, I am not talking about the many physical activities which are considered “sex,” although those certainly can play a part. I am more focused on the sexual energy we all carry deep in the center of our being.

There we discover the fire which drives us to seek adventures and achieve our goals. It is our sexual natures which crave union with the Divine.


You bet. But here in The Shame Free Zone, it is safe to defy convention and follow your bliss to enlightenment.

Speaking of shocking, do you know birth can lead to orgasms? Ditto for breastfeeding. And perhaps most surprising of all, unborn babies are masturbating in their mother’s wombs.


It’s true.

Find out more in this excerpt from my contribution to the anthology, Ecosexuality: Notes for an Orgasmic Earth.

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