Can You Dare to Dream of a Happy Future?

Do you have the same dreams you had at the beginning of this year? Or have some of your aspirations fizzled in the face of so much unpredictability and turmoil?

For some of us, myself included, it has become more difficult to envision the future, let alone a positive one. And even if we still feel hopeful and enthusiastic about the future, it may not be as easy to envision what that future would look like.

Will we be dealing with a global pandemic for months? Years? Forever?

Given the current instability of the economy, nation relations and racial realities; what will tomorrow look like?

We may not have answers to these questions now or any time soon. But does that mean we put our lives on hold and simply weather the storm?

Or can we become more resilient and more adaptable in the face of the inevitable stress of an ever changing world?

What tools might help us to enjoy more peace of mind, more serenity, more love and connection and dare I say it, more hope?

My friend Scott Catamas and I took a deep and soulful dive into this topic in this episode of Straight Talk: Fear, Hope & Relationships During the Pandemic.

Some of the questions we offer possibilities for include:

What does hope look like during a global pandemic?

How can we shelter in place in a way that expands our hearts and connects us even more?

Are there any silver linings during these challenging times?

What role can gratitude, prayer, and meditation play in improving our lives?

In the last half of this video, we address relationship dynamics. Unfortunately, sheltering at home has caused more tension and conflict in many relationships. Scott and I share several insights and tools for reducing conflict and maximizing the benefits of connection.

It’s important to remember that social distancing does NOT mean social isolating. Now more than ever, we need each other and we really can dare to dream of a better tomorrow for all of us.

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