The Compassionate Face of Sex Surrogacy

Is this woman what you picture when you think of a sex surrogate?

To my eyes, the level of compassion emanating from this woman is astounding. Not only is she a sex surrogate, some of her clients reside in assisted living facilities. How lucky they must be to experience her caring and sensual touch.

But not everyone agrees.

Some feel that people who are very old or differently abled should not have sex. But given that humans can be sexual their entire lives, to deny sex to someone who is otherwise unable to access sex or who is nearing the end of their life, seems particularly cruel.

The controversy is complex and involves issues of consent as well as whether it is legal to pay for sex that is dispensed therapeutically. Journalist, Matt Perry, brings this topic out of the closet and into the light for us in his recent article in California Health Report.

As you read the various arguments pro and con, I ask you to consider this question: How do you want to age? With sex or without sex? And do you think surrogates could be helpful for some people?

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