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Sacred Activism: Music, Wisdom, Prayer, Meditation, Comedy, and Community Connection.

These are unprecedented times of great personal and global challenges, yet there is also tremendous potential for evolutionary transformation. That potential begins in each one of us as we tune into our divine mission to find and fulfill both our joy and our responsibility in creating new realities that work for all. Hear from prominent Sacred Activists who followed their inner voice and their hearts to make a positive impact in the world, and in turn receive deep inspiration to support you in becoming your own illuminated sacred activist.

Inspirational Visionaries and Luminaries:
Marianne WilliamsonAndrew Harvey, John Robbins, Nina Simons

Musical Artists:
Larisa Stow, Human & Sasha Rose

Alicia Dattner & Raina Satori

Wisdom Jewels:
Veronica Monet, Mirabai Devi, Trathen Heckman, Melanie DeMore, Miguel Elliott, Sarah Paul & Warren Linney

Saturday Night Live for the Global Peace Tribe is the mecca for conscious, heart-centered, transformational community to gather online from across the globe for nourishing and soul-inspiring talks, music and connection during this unprecedented time.

Hosted by: Scott Catamas, Debra Giusti, and Ken Kaufman. Sponsored by: Light Touch – Jay Mayer and Lori Grace – Election Reform.

A Message from Veronica Monet

This moment in time presents many challenges for every single one of us. And although those challenges vary according to our unique circumstances, the fact that we are each facing various levels of loss, highlights our shared reality and how very connected we are.

This moment also invites us to activate positive change in our world, to take action on behalf of the greater good, our collective wellbeing. What that action will look like, depends upon our individual gifts and passions.

And there are guideposts we can turn to as we connect to our unique calling.

I’ve been an activist most of my adult life. And whether I was advocating for sex worker rights or marching for LGBTQ or speaking on behalf of sexual assault survivors, my guiding light has been the Serenity Prayer.

Sustained activism requires persistence and pacing. Sacred activism asks us to partner with the Divine.

For me, the Serenity Prayer is the perfect prescription for Sacred Activism because it reminds me that I am in partnership with the Divine. It helps me tune in for guidance and it reminds me to let go of those things that are beyond my control while I continue to take positive action.

To devote one’s life to activism requires staying power and that is only possible if we are able to balance our passion and purpose with surrender and serenity.

It is the letting go that creates the potent persistence and Divine Partnership required from a Sacred Activist.

We can and must turn our hope into action.

Hope is beautiful. Not the blind belief in something that has little possibility of every materializing – but the hope that remains open to miracles while investing the sweat and perseverance to lend the Universe a hand in creating those miracles.

May each of us find our perfect path toward materializing a better world by investing our sweat and perseverance. Then I believe we will witness miracles.

The Serenity Prayer uses the word God. Please feel free to substitute your preferred word for the Divine Energy that guides you.

God, grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things that I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference

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