For Old Soul Empaths Like Me

Has anyone ever told you that you feel “too much?”
Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the pain in the world?

Over the years, did you learn to avert your eyes so others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable?

And, have you noticed how often they count on you to know what they are feeling even and especially when they don’t feel it yet?

If you are an old soul empath like me
You probably feel alone in this world, at least sometimes
Maybe you wonder where the others like you are?

Do you wish someone would run to your rescue the way you run to rescue others?

Does it sometimes seem like no one cries your tears
While you cry everyone else’s tears
Because you are just built that way
You couldn’t stop caring if you tried
But you don’t want to try to stop caring
Because you were built for it – for caring.

You know you are a healer
The Divine Feminine tugs and pulls at you
And She won’t take no for an answer
Now is Her time, your time.

The world needs you
In ways you don’t yet understand.

If you are an old soul empath like me
You have to answer Her call
It is the reason you were born.

Now is the time to double down on self-care
Trust me, your work is too important
For you to neglect your precious self
Even for a minute.

So find the music and the dance
That takes you back to who you have always been
Remember who you are
And celebrate your differences
Because what is unique about you
Is your gift to the world in this moment of profound change.

If you allow your vibration to resonate
With who you truly are
The other old soul empaths will find you
And they will understand you in ways you have never felt understood before.

Your knowing eyes won’t scare them
Your caring will be returned in ways you can’t even imagine
And finally, you will be held while you cry for you
Because you deserve to cry dear one
It’s been a long journey and your time is finally here.

Veronica Monet
Founder of The Shame Free Zone

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