Good Sex is Messy!

Truly ecstatic sex expands our senses and explodes our inhibitions. The best sex asks us to let go of our need for things to look a certain way and to dive into sensation and emotion without fear or judgment.

But many women have difficulty experiencing their full capacity for pleasure because they are afraid of how they might look while in the throes of passion. More than a few women also worry about “making a mess” when their body produces fluids.

Make no mistake about it, the female body can produce many fluids including ejaculate, menstrual blood and breast milk.

And the male body can produce bodily fluids too, including pre-cum and ejaculate.

To me, these fluids add to the mystery and beauty of the sexual experience. But for some, getting past the shame these fluids can evoke, it not an easy thing.

There are many steps to healing sexual shame. One thing I find particularly effective in reducing and even eliminating shame around bodily fluids, is incorporating the use of a Venus Mat.

When I put my Venus Mat down, I can feel the anticipation in my body build. It’s as if I am being given permission to make a huge mess and enjoy myself thoroughly! In fact, if I don’t make much of a mess, I can actually feel like I didn’t get to fully enjoy using my Venus Mat.

What IS a Venus Mat?

For me, it is what I use instead of a towel. I used to use a towel to help catch my female ejaculate. But no matter how big or thick the towel, some of my ejaculate always leaked through to the sheets or the couch or whatever was under the towel. And the resulting “mess” had the power to evoke a tinge of shame or embarrassment in me.

But when I discovered the Venus Mat, I also let go of my shame and embarrassment about being a prolific female ejaculator and embraced my pleasure much more fully!

The Venus Mat has a waterproof backing that prevents leaking. And it can add beauty and sex appeal to a sensual interlude, whether you are alone or with a partner. I love the organic cotton mat because it feels so good next to my skin. In fact, I am so sold on the Venus Mat that I currently own three different styles.

Because I am so enthusiastic about the Venus Mat, I asked Jules Cazedessus, the woman who developed the Venus Mat, if I could offer you a discount! She has agreed to give you a $25 discount and you can claim it here. Be sure to use this discount code: MessySex25

Whether you get a Venus Mat or not, please post in the comments below. I would love to know if you have ever felt hesitant to make a mess during sex and how you have solved that block to pleasure in your own life.

Here for Your Health and Happiness,
Veronica Monet, ACS
Your Guide to Exquisite Partnership™

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