Harmless Flirting? Or #MeToo? Horses Know!

I confess I am big flirt. And it hasn’t always been the best course of action.

Sometimes my flirtations have been misinterpreted as come ons. There is a difference. And yet try explaining that to the guy or gal who feels misled when they discover I was only flirting.

How about you?

Do you flirt? And if so, what does that look like? Are you always hoping to hook up? Or do you just enjoy the chemistry of the flirtation?

Flirting feels like harmless fun to me. An opportunity to appreciate the sex appeal of others in a context without any expectations or complications.

Of course not everyone sees it that way. And that IS where we can run into problems. We all have our own unique perceptions and projections.

Sometimes human interactions can be so confusing. But believe it or not, horses can help!

Equine therapy can actually teach us how to intuit body language so we know the difference between flirting and an “Eww moment” or even a #MeToo violation.

Because horses are “prey animals,” they are very sensitive to our energy and mood. And that can teach us something about how others experience us. That means we can actually become better humans if we take a few lessons from horses!

Find out more in this short video:

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