How I Healed From Sexual Assault and How You Can Too

In this podcast, Myisha Battle interviews me about how I healed from incest and rape. We talk about my difficulties of being intimate with my partner while experiencing triggers from past abuse. We also explore how I healed those triggers so that I am able to enjoy a vibrant sex life. I share the specific steps I took to reclaim my sexual sovereignty (a state of being where I am empowered to decide what I do and do not want sexually). And I share what helped me to go from anorgasmic (being incapable of orgasms) to multiply orgasmic.

This podcast contains descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. I am able to talk openly about things that cause most people to whisper because I have zero shame about the sexual perpetrations I have endured.  My desire is to model that shame free approach for your own healing journey.

Even if you are not a survivor of sexual assault or incest, chances are that you HAVE endured some form of abuse.  And if you are like most people, you might feel ashamed of what someone else did to you.

Although you probably know that you have nothing to feel ashamed of, that sinking feeling that there is something wrong with you might still shape your sense of self.

It is my prayer that when you hear me talking about surviving sexual assault with my confidence and self-esteem in tact, it may inspire you in your own healing journey.

Suffering is suffering and the path to healing is similar for all of us regardless of how we were hurt. There really ARE specific steps we can take to heal and I share that and much more in this interview with Myisha.

Listen to the podcast.

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