How I Use My Escorting Experience to Empower the Sex Lives of My Clients

It’s rare that I am able to enjoy an uplifting and inspiring conversation about my past experiences as a high-end escort and my current profession as a relationship coach.

Too often, people’s fears and stereotypes result in my having to dispel myths and work my way past assumptions and culturally ingrained shame. But my recent conversation with Oliver Momeni was an exception to that and consequently a pure delight!

Maybe it’s because Europeans are not as hung up about sex, even professional sex, as are Americans? Oliver is located in Spain and we had to do this interview at 2AM my time. But I was wide awake and totally ON!  Our rapport resulted in one of the most engaging interviews I have ever given.

And best of all, I was able to share solid tips for taking your sex life to the next level no matter how long you have been with your current partner!

I will give you a hint: it’s NOT trying “new” sexual techniques. It IS about diving deep into each other’s feelings WHILE you have sex! Curious to learn how you might accomplish that? Check out the podcast to learn more.

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