I Made This Journey So You Could Too

“I love my clients. I feel a deep amount of compassion and empathy for them. I don’t just show up to listen to them; I’m really engaged. I spend a lot of time when we’re not in session researching how we’re going to turn a page for them — how we’re going to solve a particular issue for them. They feel that. They know I care.”

Brandon Baker of Life Coach Path selected the above paragraph as the notable quote from my recent interview on his podcast, The Coach’s Circle. It highlights what my coaching practice is all about. I really DO care about my clients. And they know that.

Sometimes I wonder if I was born with an uncommon degree of empathy. That might be true. But I also know my empathy  is steeped in the hard knocks of experience.

For instance, if my clients are pushing or shoving each other – or worse hitting each other – I don’t see them as foreign or bad. I have personally experienced recovery from domestic violence – both as a survivor and a perpetrator. I don’t recoil from my clients. And I certainly don’t judge them. And most importantly, I know what it takes to leave destructive relationship dynamics in the dust. I know the steps required to create physical and emotional safety in a relationship. And I find it incredibly fulfilling to help couples leave that pain, fear and confusion behind so they are empowered to rebirth their relationships. So they can enjoy passionate heart connection that is defined by healthy boundaries and mutual respect.

And if my clients have what they consider to be strange sexual desires, they can’t shock me or gross me out. I have literally seen it all and what I see in my clients is their wholeness as valuable individuals. I can help them love and accept their unique sexual proclivities or shift their erotic orientation toward something that feels more life affirming for them.

Similarly, I help my clients heal sexual trauma so they can enjoy a truly embodied and joyful sexuality. I know specific steps to recover from sexual assault because I made that journey myself and I know the tears and fears that can arise along the way. I know what it takes to reclaim one’s body integrity and orgasmic bliss after being sexually assaulted. And I am deeply grateful to help my clients make that journey of healing too.

It’s true we are all unique individuals and what works for one person might not work for another. But when it comes to healing shame and finding your personal path to emotional healing and freedom, nothing inspires quite as powerfully, as knowing someone who has healed that hurt for themselves. It’s even better if that person is able to share the steps they took to heal.

I am that person.

Would you like to listen in on my interview? There are some surprises in there!

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