Life is Too Short Not to Reveal Ourselves Fully

Life is just too short not to reveal ourselves as fully as we can. While many of you know that I have made it my life mission to be gut wrenchingly honest and transparent, I know I am capable of even more. And I crave more.

In that spirit, I want to share a recent roundtable I participated in. The topic is whether we should legalize prostitution. There are voices opposed and voices in favor in this roundtable, but what I especially appreciate is the evenhanded and respectful format that gave everyone a chance to be heard. I thank our host Torben Applebaum for that and I hope you enjoy watching the video.

Before you view it, there are a couple things you should know.

First of all, if you are new to my blog you may not know about my past profession. In fact, not all of my current clients know what I did before I became an empath and coach. And even those who do, don’t always fully understand it.

Before January of 2004, when I became a full-time coach, I was a high-end escort. While some envision this transition as a “bad girl” makes “good” kind of scenario, what actually happened was far more interesting.

You see, the way I approached sex work might be difficult to understand because it flies in the face of so many prevailing stereotypes and assumptions.

When I was a high-end escort, what I enjoyed the most was creating an accepting, loving framework in which I got to help my clients heal their shame. I had many regular clients whom I came to know over many years. The depth of human connection far exceeded anything I had experienced in my former jobs as a department manager and a personal secretary.

Today, as an empath and coach, I bring all my empathic and intuitive skills as well as my finely honed ability to relate to all people regardless of their history or their secrets. I am The Shame Free Zone for those who seek my coaching services. And that is something I learned as an escort. I am grateful I was able to transfer those skill sets to my new profession. It is a privilege and a sacred calling to bring less shame and more love to all those who honor me with their vulnerability and trust.

It is my sincere intention to respect and honor your trust in me by bringing you more love and less shame.

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