Most Women do NOT Know This About Their Clitoris!

There is actually a lot that both men and women do not know about the clitoris. Perhaps the most important thing to know about the clitoris is the fact that what you see on the outside of the vulva is just the tip of the iceberg – most of the clitoris is inside of a woman’s body. It is actually a large, powerful organ devoted entirely to pleasure.

Another intriguing fact about the clitoris: it grows throughout the life of a woman and even more so after menopause. Due to hormonal shifts, most menopausal women experience a larger and even more pleasure packed clitoris. What does this mean to a post-menopausal woman’s sex life? The fun is just getting started!

I have an entirely different perspective about post-menopausal sex than that which predominates in our current culture. Whereas many are simply trying to reclaim the sex life they had before menopause, I am enjoying sex which is FAR superior in EVERY way to any of the super hot sex I had before menopause. Want to find out more?

I reveal all my secrets to super-charged post-menopausal sex in this video.

If you have any questions after viewing the video, feel free to contact me. As a Certified Sexologist and Relationship Coach I can help you find the clarity and direction which will take your sexual pleasure to new heights.

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