One of My Most Powerful Podcasts Ever!

These are a few of the topics you’ll get enlightened about in this powerful interview by Christian Pedersen of Love Works:

What to do when the doctors say there’s nothing wrong with you, but you still aren’t able to or don’t want to have sex.

The “Sexual Ghetto” we create around our own sexuality.

Why sex is natural and how even in the womb, we experience pleasure, masturbation, and orgasm.

The shame we carry around about our own sexuality.

How and why our genitals don’t lie.

Why sex and intimacy can end up at the bottom of our priority list.

How couples can keep their sex alive and not settle for scraps.

What to do when one partner in a couple wants sex every single day or else.

Why sex is highly relevant for everyone, even if you don’t have a sexual partner.

Why we might talk ourselves out of sex.

How we rationalize settling for very little when it comes to sex and intimacy.

The relationship between sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy … which is more important?

Porn: The use of porn, the effects of porn, “good porn and bad porn”, and how high-speed internet porn can can hurt men’s ability to have erections and orgasm. (Veronica is a fabulous coach around porn. She truly has no judgments about it. She herself was part of the sex industry for many years).

How our “pornified” culture has removed us from basic truths about sexuality in general, and female sexual responses in particular.

The spiritual, Divine aspects of sexuality.

Why we see more sexually addictive behavior in men.

The 5 steps to say your powerful No (From Veronica’s new book, “How To Say Your No: Five Simple Steps to Heal the Heart and Soul of Your Relationship”).

How we try to perform sex instead of having sexual intimacy.

#MeToo and a new standard for consent!

Listen Now.

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