Adrenaline Nation with Peter McCarthy ND

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Adrenaline Nation with Peter McCarthy ND

Few people know more about stress than a former commercial airline and B-52 bomber pilot. After 36 years in the pilot seat, Peter McCarthy knows first-hand the impact stress can have on the human body. His landmark book, Adrenalin Nation, chronicles the cost of stress on our entire society and what we can do about it. Adrenaline Nation makes a forceful case for why Americans have reached the breaking point. Drawing from his broad experience as a military officer, commercial pilot, traditional naturopath and grass roots political activist, Peter McCarthy, ND weaves a compelling narrative. While our society is the most technologically advanced on the planet, leading the way in economic growth, technological innovation and standard of living, we are paying the price for this success with unprecedented levels of chronic stress. Peter M. McCarthy demonstrates that stress has become an overwhelmingly negative factor in our dietary habits, lifestyle, thought patterns, food supply and environment. By clearly describing the bodys reaction to stress, he shows that we 21st Century Americans are still equipped with the stress response mechanism and capabilities of our ancient ancestors. Facing the world with a finite energy bank, our bodies are ill suited to deal with a society which imposes a multitude of stressors on us at virtually every turn. However, in his illuminating and instructive book, McCarthy offers innovative and achievable solutions for conquering both the personal and institutional aspects of stress.

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