Deborah Anapol: The Mother of Modern Polyamory

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Deborah Anapol: The Mother of Modern Polyamory

In this candid conversation with Veronica Monet, Deborah Anapol shares her perspectives on monogamy, polyamory, love, jealousy and happy relationships. Deborah also dishes on what went into the making of her newest book, Polyamory in the 21st Century.

Cheating is considered monogamy. Divorce is considered monogamy. But having more than one partner that you’re honest with and committed to is considered infidelity…isn’t that strange?” says Deborah Anapol of relationships. “The problem with monogamy is that it’s the default–you can easily go unconscious.” How can a polyamorous relationship–even for a trial basis–make your relationship more “alive?”

What’s the definition of polyamory? What’s the difference between polyamory and an “open” relationship?

“When you let love lead, a lot of things can happen,” says Anapol. Is it possible to have a “closed” group in a polyamorous relationship? What sort of understanding/rules/contract does an open couple need to have to keep things from falling apart? “It’s called polyamory meaning many loves, not many sex partners,” explains Deborah Anapol, addressing a few of the more “taboo” misconceptions.

How is a poly relationship any different from dating, having promiscuous sex, or having an affair? Deborah’s answers may surprise you! (And Veronica has a few things of her own to add!)

“A lot of people want to deny their jealousy,” says Anapol. Are there different types of jealousy? How can you recognize an emotion as jealousy? Is jealousy ever okay…? Tune in to learn more about a relationship lifestyle based in trust, honesty, and deep-rooted friendships! You’ll hear not only the pros and cons of polyamory, but the do’s and don’t’s as well!

Throughout the episode you’ll hear detailed descriptions of love, sex, and the poly lifestyle like you’ve never heard it before. Things may get controversial at times, but that’s okay–You’re in The No Shame Zone!

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