Sex Doggie Style? How About Bonobo Style?

Internationally published photographer Marian Brickner asks “Why do we kill each other?” For her, the answer comes down to this unspoken but seemingly universal assumption: “You don’t look like me so you should be dead.” Marian is on a mission to infuse the culture with more empathy for sentient beings who happen to look different …

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Mystical and sacred sexual healing

Dr. Janelle Alex and her husband Rob Alex share the mystical, sacred sexual healing that prompted one of their clients to say: “I had a weird experience once during sex where I thought I was someone else. Now I get that it was a spiritual thing and I am not scared by that now. In …

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The difference between consensual prostitution and sex trafficking

Juhu Thukral, leading expert on the rights of low-income and immigrant women in areas of sexual health and rights, takes time out from Hurricane Sandy to weigh in on California’s Proposition 35 which conflates adult, consensual prostitution with sex trafficking.

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