Sexual Cultivation as a Spiritual Path

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Sexual Cultivation as a Spiritual Path

In your search for spiritual guidance, you may have heard of Shakti and Sacred Sex but what is it exactly and how might it enrich your life? International Spiritual Teacher of Ecstasy and founder of, Jan Robinson, was born the daughter of a former nun. Her life journey is fascinating and brings insights that can benefit your own life journey and provide you with intimate spiritual guidance. Much of what passes as sex advice in our current culture is in fact the distorted outcome of sexual repression. Learn why Jan believes that Sex is a Fundamental Life Force and how Shakti Joy can magnetize you and your Beloved while evoking the Sacred.

Joy as Spiritual Guidance

This is very much about your spiritual guidance on your own journey, for as Jan says, “Where you find joy is where you find God!” Where can you find joy in your own life? During our conversation, Jan offers some surprising ideas.

spiritual guidance relationship coach grass valley caVeronica Monet, ACS, CAM teaches anger management techniques in combination with her 5 Steps to Exquisite Partnership. She works with her clients via telephone and video Skype sessions as well as in person appointments in her Relationship Coaching Grass Valley, CA office. Email her or text 415.407.2932.

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