Remembering What We Forgot as We Face the Global Pandemic

We forgot to breathe and now the virus threatens our lungs.

 We forgot to connect with each other and now the virus prevents us from touching.

 We forgot to be grateful and now we can only long for all we had.

 We forgot to care for all life and now we are losing lives.

 We forgot to pray and now all we can do is pray.

 We forgot to love and now we long to feel loved and to love again.

 We forgot who we are and now we are searching for meaning in this moment.

 We forgot what matters most and now the virus is reminding us.

We are being asked to stop our frenetic busyness and listen.

Listen to the message behind the global pandemic.

Yes, we are afraid, but the virus can also be our teacher.

Our way of life has suddenly come to a stop.

And for good reason.

Our current way of life is antithetical to life.

Our way of “life” is killing us.

But we can use this moment to reach deep inside of ourselves and connect to bigger truths.

Now is the time to shift our priorities so that life on our precious planet can thrive.

Many of us are desperately seeking connection through our smart phones and laptops.

Connection with other humans is good.

Let us make it count and come from our hearts.

It is crucial that we also connect our hearts to the natural world.

Although many of us may have forgotten, our delicate biosphere is our source of sustenance.

Without it, we die.

For those of us who can, we need to step outside and feel the breeze in our face.

We need to plant our feet on the soil and sense our connection to Mother Earth.

Our cravings for connection are also for our precious Mother.

We need to feel Her heartbeat in our own.

For those of us who cannot step outside or only find concrete when we do, there are videos of nature online.

Find them.

Watch them.

Breathe into them.

Now is the time for all of us to make a conscious connection to our precious planet.

Now is the time for us to feel Her life giving energy coursing through our bodies.

Now is the time for us to realize we are connected to ALL life on this planet.

None of us lives as an island to ourselves.

Even now as many of us are alone in our homes, our interconnectedness makes itself known.

Without each other, we don’t have the supplies we need to live.

Without each other, we don’t eat.

Without each other, we don’t thrive because humans were made to need other humans.

But we also need the other life on this planet.

We need the forests and the plants.

We need the animals.

If we don’t respect the lives of other sentient beings, we will pay a price.

We are paying that price now.

But we can correct our course.

We CAN shift to a way of life that honors our connections to each other and all life.

We can finally understand that every choice we make and every action we take affects the rest of the Web of Life.

Will we choose to make a positive impact?

Or will we continue to allow fear to fuel our greed?

Will we continue to avoid our own emotions through addiction and meaningless escape?

Or will we take our own lives to a higher reality?

If we choose to bring more awareness, connection and love to our every breath, then the whole world will breathe easier.

And the virus, with all the damage it’s doing, will have changed us, and perhaps our world, for the better.

It’s our choice.

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