A Conversation with John Robbins

John Robbins’ bestselling book, Diet for a New America (1987), shifted our paradigm by linking human health, animal welfare and the environment. Today, it’s common knowledge, backed by science, that our food choices not only effect our individual health, but also impact the health of our planet and the well-being of other sentient beings. In …

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The Divine Feminine

Explore what the Divine Feminine means to you personally whether you are male or female or somewhere in between! This intimate conversation with Caroline Muir will heal your heart and fill your soul with hope.  

Sexual Cultivation as a Spiritual Path

You may have heard of Shakti and Sacred Sex but what is it exactly and how might it enrich your life? International Spiritual Teacher of Ecstasy and founder of www.TantricJoy.com, Jan Robinson, was born the daughter of a former nun. Her life journey is fascinating and brings insights that can benefit your own life journey. Much of what passes as sex in our current culture is in fact the distorted outcome of sexual repression. Learn why Jan believes that Sex is a Fundamental Life Force and how Shakti Joy can magnetize you and your Beloved while evoking the Sacred. This is very much about your spiritual journey, for as Jan says, “Where you find joy is where you find God!”

Bonobo Sex and the Evolution of Morality

Frans de Waal, the Dutch/American biologist named among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, shares his expert perspective on the evolution of morality as featured in his new book, The Bonobo and the Atheist, in Search of Humanism Among the Primates. Is religion necessary to maintain a moral society? Do apes have a moral code? …

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Are YOU a Sex Addict or Just Suffering from Sexual Shame?

Most who consider themselves sex positive will assert there is no such thing as sex addiction while the treatment model insists that almost any sexual behavior which falls outside of vanilla, monogamous and often procreative sex is a definitive sign of addiction. In this episode of The Shame Free Zone, Veronica clarifies this emotionally charged …

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One Woman’s Story of Rape

Singer and songwriter, Susie Chin, shares the painful details of her gang rape, the inspiring story of her journey from shame to wholeness and the birth of her beautiful song, Charlene.

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