Sex Workers Deserve to Live Shame-Free

Okay, ready for some fun and laughter?

Get ready for an uplifting podcast about living a shame-free life.

You will hear about my personal journey from cult survivor to college graduate to sober sex worker to relationship coach. And you will learn the specific steps I took to heal my sexual shame.

During this interview, I also share some history about the second iteration of COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) in the early 90’s.

For me, healing sexual shame has a lot to do with rebirthing the Divine Feminine in my personal life and reclaiming my Sexual Sovereignty. Might that also be a way forward for you?

And here’s a question I answer about 20 minutes into the interview: What do castration and sexual shame have in common? Yes, I realize that is an odd question but I hope you get a kick out of my answer.

Of course I want to make sure you get something of value to your personal life while you are entertained, so be sure to listen to the 25 minute mark when I share specific steps to heal your shame.

Self-improvement and/or recovery doesn’t have to be a somber undertaking. On the other side of our tears lies our freedom and with that comes a level of joy many can’t even imagine.

Welcome to the Shame Free Zone! Here’s to your healing, your freedom and your joy.

Love, Veronica Monet

PS: Want to share your feelings about this podcast? Be sure to post comments here or on YouTube.

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