Should We Be “Ashamed” of Ourselves?

Has anyone ever told you that “you should be ashamed of yourself?”

For most of us, words like that often create an immediate rush of blood to the face and feelings of being “small.” And it can be a particularly compelling admonishment if said by a parent or a partner.

How do you respond?

Some of us might feel obliged to change our behavior immediately, lest we lose the love we want and need. Others might act out in rebellion. But rarely do we remain centered in our own sense of self. And worse, our self-esteem can take a huge hit.

Shaming is nasty business but so common we often don’t even notice it.

In this video interview hosted by Anahita Joon Tehrani for Your Sacred Sexy Life, I discuss the contradictions inherent in the shaming process and how you can rise above the nonsense to enjoy a sensual, spiritual, joyful life.

If you want to dispel the “slut” shaming myths and learn how you can empower your sensual and spiritual self, you will enjoy this revealing video.

If you are in a hurry, skip to the 20 minute mark where I talk about masturbation as meditation, how to envision yourself as your Beloved and how your orgasm can connect you to the Divine!

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