“Social Distancing” in this Time of the Global Pandemic

This photo makes me feel sad. And yet, I realize we MUST do this now. We must ALL engage in “Social Distancing” in order to #FlattenTheCurve and save lives.

Even so, it’s still hard for me to believe this is actually happening. A part of me is in shock. I keep hoping that I will wake up from this bad dream. But a bigger part of me is grieving. I miss hugging my clients and friends. I miss working out at my gym. I miss attending my twelve step meetings in person instead of online.

But I also realize that I have a very unique perspective on “Social Distancing” because of my weird childhood. And I feel strongly that sharing that unique perspective could actually be helpful to you. So I did.

You can read about it in a short article I wrote for Medium. I would love to know if what I share has any meaning for you personally. Just leave a comment below my article or feel free to email me privately.

Stay safe and healthy.



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