Sure You Have Heard of the G Spot. But Do You Know Where the A Spot Is?

If you haven’t heard of the A Spot, you are not alone. Very few people have any information about the A Spot but if they did, it would no doubt change their sex lives in a huge way!

Although the A Spot is a beautiful part of female anatomy which holds many gifts for anyone who chooses to explore it, it is particularly important for women who experience difficulty achieving orgasm. The A Spot can serve as a doorway to healing sexual trauma too. And post-menopausal women can use this part of their body to rebirth their vulva and their sex lives in ways which are amazingly transformative.

Not only can the A Spot help you revitalize your sensuality, eroticism and sexual verve, it can also catalyze emotional healing related to loss or sexual trauma.

I explain where you can find the A Spot on women’s bodies and the best way to stimulate the A Spot in my recent interview on The Boom Doctors. It is a short program and I am sure you will enjoy the humorous banter too. But if you don’t have time to listen to the radio interview, you can email me or text me at 415-407-2932. I would be happy to tell you all about the A Spot in a telephone or Skype session.

As a certified sexologist I am uniquely qualified to educate and enlighten you about your amazing body and the beautiful gifts it can bring. Schedule your personal telephone or Skype session today! My email is or you can text me at 415-407-2932.

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