How You Can Have a Happy Holiday Even If Your Relatives Suck

This time of year many of us find ourselves sitting across the table from a family member we don’t enjoy being around. As the saying goes, you can’t pick your relatives. But does that mean we have to quietly endure? If you are anything like me, the anticipation of encountering difficult relatives can be so …

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Three Things You Do Not Want to Do This Holiday Season

I wanted our family to have a different kind of holiday celebration. For me, Christmas had become materialistic and I wanted us to redirect our attention to love. I thought it would be fun if we each brought photos and memorabilia to share. Then, in my vision of holiday perfection, we would all gather around …

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What If Someone You Love Drinks Too Much?

I have only been in love – truly, deeply in love – twice in my life. So I can be extremely tenacious when the inevitable challenges to relationship arise. I don’t give up easily. I don’t walk away at the first sign of trouble. When I was much younger, I hoped that the intensity of …

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