Can We be Grateful Even Now?

When the global pandemic became our shared reality, I experienced a deep sense of loss. I could feel the fear and grief that enveloped this planet. And while I didn’t know anyone who was sick from COVID-19, the stories about those who were losing loved ones to the virus brought me to tears over and …

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Are the Walls Closing in While You Stay at Home?

Sure. Stay home and stay safe. But do you know that domestic violence is on the rise as couples shelter in place?  In fact, since the arrival of COVID-19, family violence has increased around the globe. While we are doing our best to keep ourselves safe from the novel coronavirus, some of us might not …

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Is My Mother Safer Now?

March 21, 2020 I felt devastated yesterday. The night before, the governor of California had ordered the entire state to Stay Home. I had plans but they were all canceled. Why did this upset me so much? My plans were just the mundane busyness of my life and now they were interrupted by a health …

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