Living a Shameless Life

This is where I grew up. When I was a preteen and an adolescent, the trailer wasn’t so grungy. But the trees weren’t so lush and green either. That shed in the background is where I raised fifty baby pheasant from egg to adulthood, and later two young raccoons. It would also eventually become an …

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I Felt Like an Alien From Another Planet

As a child, I was not encouraged to love myself. My parents did love me but that love was compromised by their own shame. When people don’t love themselves, when they find aspects of themselves so objectionable that they deny their existence, there is a tendency to project that shame and self-hatred onto others. I …

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An Uncommon Spiritual and Professional Path

Nearly three decades ago, I entered a life of sobriety, which catapulted me onto a path of spiritual growth and service. There have been many steps along this journey. First I hosted a local cable TV show on which I interviewed hundreds of guests about a variety of topics which called to me over the course …

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