Shame On You!!

When did you first hear those words? I can’t tell you how old I was or what I was doing when I first heard my mother direct those words at me. Had I peed my pants? Or perhaps hit my sister? Or broken a toy? Who knows. But the power of those three words was …

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Listening to Shame

Shame expert, Brene Brown, brings vulnerability to her work in ways which move and inspire millions. Her depth of sincerity and the naked way she shares her emotions and internal thoughts are stunning!  If you haven’t seen how exquisite vulnerability can evoke personal empowerment, you want to see this powerful woman in action. Brown’s courageous …

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The Divine Feminine

Explore what the Divine Feminine means to you personally whether you are male or female or somewhere in between! This intimate conversation with Caroline Muir will heal your heart and fill your soul with hope.  

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