A Letter from Us to You

Yes, it’s been a long difficult slog. At times the best you could do was binge Netflix while you tried to ignore how much you missed hugging someone dear to you . . . but you are still here and although you may not know it, you are stronger than ever. Do you feel stronger? …

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Did You Miss This? You Can Watch the Replay on YouTube!

Sacred Activism: Music, Wisdom, Prayer, Meditation, Comedy, and Community Connection. These are unprecedented times of great personal and global challenges, yet there is also tremendous potential for evolutionary transformation. That potential begins in each one of us as we tune into our divine mission to find and fulfill both our joy and our responsibility in …

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Can We be Grateful Even Now?

When the global pandemic became our shared reality, I experienced a deep sense of loss. I could feel the fear and grief that enveloped this planet. And while I didn’t know anyone who was sick from COVID-19, the stories about those who were losing loved ones to the virus brought me to tears over and …

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