Can You Dare to Dream of a Happy Future?

Do you have the same dreams you had at the beginning of this year? Or have some of your aspirations fizzled in the face of so much unpredictability and turmoil? For some of us, myself included, it has become more difficult to envision the future, let alone a positive one. And even if we still …

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Did You Miss This? You Can Watch the Replay on YouTube!

Sacred Activism: Music, Wisdom, Prayer, Meditation, Comedy, and Community Connection. These are unprecedented times of great personal and global challenges, yet there is also tremendous potential for evolutionary transformation. That potential begins in each one of us as we tune into our divine mission to find and fulfill both our joy and our responsibility in …

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Five Ways to Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

Does your sex life fulfill ALL of your fantasies? Are you enjoying the best sex of your life? Or is there something more you dream of and wish for? No matter how awesome the sex you are currently having, there is the possibility for more. But more what? As a sexologist and sex educator, a …

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