Your Sensual Self Holds the Key!

Your sensual/sexual self holds the key!  To what? Just about everything. Your personal power, your professional competence, your spiritual passions and your creativity all originate from your sexual core. When you are connected to your sexuality without fear or shame, you are empowered to accomplish your goals and manifest the life of your dreams. Unfortunately, many …

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Good Sex is Messy!

Truly ecstatic sex expands our senses and explodes our inhibitions. The best sex asks us to let go of our need for things to look a certain way and to dive into sensation and emotion without fear or judgment. But many women have difficulty experiencing their full capacity for pleasure because they are afraid of …

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What in The World is Ecosexuality?

This is What Ecosexuality Means to Me: The Goddess is everywhere. She is a honeybee. She is the fire. She is the pregnant clouds. She is the falling leaves and the green shoot pushing up through the soil. The Divine Feminine speaks and moves through you and me. She has called us to bring communion …

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