How Trauma Can Complicate and Confuse Consent

Trigger Warning: This article includes my personal story of surviving sexual assault and reclaiming my sexual empowerment. I also share crucial and cutting edge information about consent for ALL genders that EVERYONE of us needs to know. My references to men’s and women’s perspectives and behaviors, pertain to anyone who identifies with the societal conditioning …

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How I Healed From Sexual Assault and How You Can Too

In this podcast, Myisha Battle interviews me about how I healed from incest and rape. We talk about my difficulties of being intimate with my partner while experiencing triggers from past abuse. We also explore how I healed those triggers so that I am able to enjoy a vibrant sex life. I share the specific …

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How One Rape Survivor Learned to Live Life without Shame

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains details about a gang rape as told by the rape survivor. Susie Chin is a very courageous woman. She is also a talented musician. I first became aware of her when I heard her music. I was drawn to her album, Shameless, because I myself have devoted my life to …

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