I Made This Journey So You Could Too

“I love my clients. I feel a deep amount of compassion and empathy for them. I don’t just show up to listen to them; I’m really engaged. I spend a lot of time when we’re not in session researching how we’re going to turn a page for them — how we’re going to solve a …

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Requiem for my Father

He said he loved me. He said he could never hurt me. He told me that I was his special little girl. He was my dad and I believed him until . . . Until he made me pose naked for his camera when I was five years old. Until he kicked the two-legged cat …

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An Uncommon Spiritual and Professional Path

Nearly three decades ago, I entered a life of sobriety, which catapulted me onto a path of spiritual growth and service. There have been many steps along this journey. First I hosted a local cable TV show on which I interviewed hundreds of guests about a variety of topics which called to me over the course …

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