The Single Most Important Key to Healing Relationships

We all want to get along and experience love, peace and harmony – don’t we? Certainly most of us invest the best of ourselves – our hearts, souls and every bit of effort we can muster to avoid conflict and enjoy the fruits of loving connection. And yet, the conflicts persist. Old arguments we thought …

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When Trust Dies

What kills trust in intimate relationships and steps you can take to restore trust! How many times have you heard the words, “If you love me you will trust me” or “Why don’t you just trust me?” I don’t know how those words feel in your gut but they always fill me with even more distrust than …

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3 Things You Need To Know If You Are In A Relationship

What They Should Have Told You in High School and College! Whether you are Married, Engaged, Living Together or still thinking about it, your relationship is the single most important aspect of your life and yet you, like so many of us, probably didn’t get much in the way of an education about HOW to have a …

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