The Stories We Don’t Tell

I think every one of us has an amazing story inside of us. I would bet that you have lived through some incredible, even shocking, life events. But most of us keep our most poignant stories to ourselves. Most of us are afraid that if we share our stories, we will be judged by others. …

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Why We are Only as Sick as Our Secrets

It’s natural to want to hide things we fear others will judge us for. Everyone has experienced that hot flush of blood to the face when something you wanted to keep hidden is exposed. Is it embarrassment? Sometimes. Other times we might feel mortified or devastated. The latter emotions in particular can feel so overwhelming …

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What Might It Feel Like to Be Free of Shame?

I am sure the answer to that question is different for each of us. But I recently produced a short video which captures how I imagine life without shame. I would love to know if you share my vision or perhaps have a different take on the topic? I am also very curious to know how …

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