Five Ways to Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

Does your sex life fulfill ALL of your fantasies? Are you enjoying the best sex of your life? Or is there something more you dream of and wish for? No matter how awesome the sex you are currently having, there is the possibility for more. But more what? As a sexologist and sex educator, a …

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Is Your Computer Wrecking Your Love Life?

Do you spend significant amounts of time on your computer, tablet or Smartphone? If you do, then like an increasing number of people, you may rely so fully upon one or all of these modes of communicating and connecting with the outside world that you might not be able to envision life without it. While …

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3 Things You Need To Know If You Are In A Relationship

What They Should Have Told You in High School and College! Whether you are Married, Engaged, Living Together or still thinking about it, your relationship is the single most important aspect of your life and yet you, like so many of us, probably didn’t get much in the way of an education about HOW to have a …

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