Is This Damaging Your Sex Life?

Most couples argue from time to time. But did you know that depending upon the form your arguments take, they can also take a toll on your sex life? It’s true. Your emotional landscape informs and shapes your sexual reality. In order to achieve the connection and intimacy you crave, it’s crucial to look at …

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One of My Most Powerful Podcasts Ever!

These are a few of the topics you’ll get enlightened about in this powerful interview by Christian Pedersen of Love Works: What to do when the doctors say there’s nothing wrong with you, but you still aren’t able to or don’t want to have sex. The “Sexual Ghetto” we create around our own sexuality. Why …

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ED Got You Down? This Will Perk You Up!

He doesn’t look very happy does he? Well, he is not alone. A lot of men are dissatisfied and even worried about their sexual “performance” or the lack of it. But what most men and most doctors do not know is that many erectile issues can be remedied simply by changing your diet. This short …

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