Is This a Scary Time for Men?

Last week a male friend shared with me that since #MeToo he is confused and uncertain on dates. Should he initiate the first kiss? Although in the past he would have felt fine kissing his date, now he doesn’t. This same male friend also shared with me his own #MeToo moment. It happened several months …

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What in The World is Ecosexuality?

This is What Ecosexuality Means to Me: The Goddess is everywhere. She is a honeybee. She is the fire. She is the pregnant clouds. She is the falling leaves and the green shoot pushing up through the soil. The Divine Feminine speaks and moves through you and me. She has called us to bring communion …

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Parenting Boys and Understanding Men

My friend Dr. Phil Zimbardo says, we are experiencing a “demise of guys.”  In his TED Talk by the same name, he tells us that boys are 30% more likely to drop out of school than girls are. They are also less likely to obtain a college degree. Boys comprise two thirds of the special …

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