Paths to Healing Sexual Trauma and Sexual Shut Down

Trigger Warning: This article contains references about sexual assault and may be triggering for some readers. I was 25 when I finally got into therapy for sexual assault. By then, I had been molested by my father, raped by a college classmate and then raped yet again by a coworker. For years I had tried …

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Why is SHE the Original Bad Girl?

Once upon a time the first woman and the first man lived in a beautiful tropical paradise where they enjoyed all the carnal delights. But the man got greedy and wanted to control their sex. He demanded that the woman lie beneath him during their lovemaking. But the woman wanted to ride atop the man …

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Sex Workers Deserve to Live Shame-Free

Okay, ready for some fun and laughter? Get ready for an uplifting podcast about living a shame-free life. You will hear about my personal journey from cult survivor to college graduate to sober sex worker to relationship coach. And you will learn the specific steps I took to heal my sexual shame. During this interview, …

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