The Pleasures of Food and Sex

I have to admit that is a rather sexy book cover! At first I didn’t see past the legs on that carrot. But then I took a closer look at the banana and the eggplant. Okay, that’s very explicit! And of course the strawberry and the kiwi . .  it’s actually a pornographic image, isn’t it?  What a delightful take on fruits and veggies!

So what DOES food have to do with sex?

While you might have heard that certain foods can function as aphrodisiacs, arousing erotic passions, you probably haven’t heard much about how your day to day diet effects your sexual desire and performance. However, research shows that even ONE meal can make a HUGE difference in your sexual function.

If you are suffering from a lagging libido or a wilting willy, it might have something to do with what you are putting on your plate for dinner. In fact, some simple shifts in your diet – even just for that special night when you want to “get busy” – can work wonders.

I recently interviewed Christine DeLozier, L.Ac., an acupuncturist and herbalist who specializes in sexual health about her new book, Diet for Great Sex: Food for Male and Female Sexual Health. Not only did she share the science about how food can either make or break “date night” – she also provided yummy recipes for special elixirs that will add oomph to your amorous adventures!

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