This is My Prayer for You

My wish for you is that you may connect to yourself in ways that surpass what you currently think possible.

I hold for you a vision of your innocent sexuality married to your spiritual path and freeing your heart to soar to creative heights you never dreamed possible.

Joy doesn’t have to be scary. If someone told you that your laughter is silly or your orgasms are dirty, then let’s tell those old tapes to take a hike right now. Because you are more beautiful than you know.

And the sooner you see your beauty, the more able you will be to attain your goals and live the life you want.

I have been following a sacred sexual path for many years and if you want to know more about how I reclaimed my innocence and super charged my creativity, watch this video I made with therapist Kristina Campbell.

I think you will agree that our joy is infectious!

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