This Really Worked for Me When I was a High-End Escort

I have a very simple question for you.

Do you feel excited and even joyful when you tell someone you care about “No?”

Kind of a strange question, huh?

Well I don’t always feel that way but a lot of the time I do. And it’s not because I delight in making the people I love sad. I don’t.

But in my experience, even the people I am closest to, don’t always want the same things I want. And I don’t always want the same things they want. That’s kind of how relationships work. While we need each other, it’s also true that we sometimes experience a conflict of interest and desire.

Can you relate?

At those times do you find yourself blurting out a sheepish or gruff “no.” Or have you maybe coped with these inevitable differences in opinion by simply saying yes? Even when deep down you are feeling a “no?”

I have of course done all of the above at one time or another. But when I worked as a high-end escort (until 2004), I quickly learned that my profession required an ability to assert boundaries while creating connection that delighted my clients.

How did I do that?

Intuitively. Over time I learned what worked best to keep me happy and safe and keep my clients coming back for more. It actually astounded me how many “No’s” I could assert while maintaining a heart connection and erotic joy.

When I became a Relationship Coach (in 2005), I quickly realized that a lot of couples didn’t know how to say “no” without alienating each other. And so I began teaching them the same process I used as an escort. After about a decade of sharing this formula with couples in long-term committed relationships, one of my business coaches helped me distill what I was teaching into five simple steps and that’s how the Exquisite Partnership Formula™ was born!

Now I am writing a book about it. The title is How to Say Your No: Five Simple Steps to Heal the Heart and Soul of Your Relationship. It is my second book and I am very excited about it!

Would you like to get a copy for yourself? Maybe some extra copies for your friends?

It seems to me that everyone could use some help in saying “No” while creating even MORE connection and romance. There is something very powerful about sharing our truth. Particularly in a long-term committed relationship.

I am glad I get to share this with the world and I hope I get to share it with you.

Check out the bonuses I have put together for you!

Check out the bonuses I have put together for you!

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